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Welcome to the MOTOTRBO ADP Portal!

The MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-way Radio System combines the best of two-way radio with digital technology to deliver increased capacity and spectral efficiency, integrated data applications and enhanced voice communications. The MOTOTRBO system is designed to deliver a personal, customized user experience on the portable and mobile devices. Developers are able to open doors to innovate new experiences to the two-way radio market. As a Developer you are able to have almost unlimited access to platform to create applications never seen before. You are able to create applications that can realize the full power of the radio system and its features.

The Application Developer Program (ADP) is dedicated to open up the potential of every MOTOTRBO Developer. ADP is the best way to get started, stay inspired, and invent the future with a whole new generation of user experience applications. The ADP portal has everything you need to gain knowledge, download tools and documents, and large community of global support and resources to get started. Join us in being part of the innovative MOTOTRBO ADP team!

More on MOTOTRBO...

MOTOTRBO utilizes a two-slot Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) digital technology to improve basic functionality and system performance, including increased system capacity, improved audio quality, longer battery life, built-in privacy, and enhanced call signaling and control capabilities for future enhancements such as emergency pre-emption. MOTOTRBO is a comprehensive dual mode (analog and digital) system including repeater, mobile and portable units, data applications, accessories and services making it possible for professional businesses to easily and affordably migrate to a digital platform at their own pace.